Been hemming and hawing about how to show this project! Last weekend I took part in Linework NW and I promised myself I would make a book! So that turned into an accordion book all about a mermaid named Ondine who collects bioluminescent creatures.

This book was created start to finish in six days. My first accordion book since 2003? Whoa! Now I want to do more! Many thanks to my student Wren who helped me cut and fold them in time. I’m going to see about making a little video to show this better, but in the meantime this will do.

More personal projects, more books, more stuff! I am working on a big project but I need to share more and make more little projects.



Godeliva Ferreira

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[ river / lake / spring ] paintings from the group show Just Swim ! 
available for purchase:

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Life inside Caracas’ unfinished skyscraper Centro Financiero Confinanzas, the world’s tallest slum

It was meant to be world financial center and the third-tallest building in all of Venezuela, known for its sprawling cities and staggering inequality. But in 1994, construction was halted on the building after four years thanks to a banking crisis that saw 17 of the nation’s 49 commercial banks fail. Over time, the abandoned building was colonized by squatters from nearby slums. Today, the tower is the world’s largest vertical slum — dubbed “Torre David,” or “Tower of David,” by residents — the structure hosts a self-contained community of roughly 3,000 people in over 750 families spanning 45 floors, each with their own shops and services. Residents pay a $32 monthly condo fee for 24-hour armed security and run a co-operative mini-government, with non-compliance for the rules being punished with “social work” like chores and repairs around the building.

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Supersonic Visits: Rachel Suggs.

Artist Rachel Suggs illustrates lovely fantasies with great intricacy and ability.  Recently Supersonic got the chance to visit her studio in Baltimore where she is attending the Maryland Institute College of Art working on her BFA in illustration.  Her work, however, is a testament to the fact that illustration can also be fine art.  See more of Rachel’s studio below:

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Visceral Vistas, Guttural Groans - 2nd spread.


The northeast region of Thailand is called Isan and is made up of a majority of Lao speaking people. The music and instruments are distinct from the rest of Thailand, the main instrument being the free-reed mouth organ called khaen (pronounced “can”, it’s often spelled khenekhen, or any number of variations.) It consists of a series of bamboo pipes in two rows fitted into a wooden holder. The player breathes in and out of the wooden wind chest, fingering holes on either side. Each pipe has it’s own free reed, similar to a harmonica.

The khaen is also the dominant instrument in Lao music. This is a Lao khaen player from 1902.


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I contributed an illustration to Nobrow magazine’s It’s quiet issue. So honored to be in this issue

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Heath Ledger’s promo shoot for “A Knight’s Tale

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MY EUROPEAN TRIP: Photographs from the Car, Joel Meyerowitz

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Le Samouraï (1967), dir. Jean-Pierre Melville

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El Mexico de ayer

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